Mutual Aid Partners

We are a grassroots based non-profit focused on providing resources and structure to mutual aid projects in Grand Junction and Western Colorado. We assist with volunteers and coordination efforts through education and accessibility to larger social service agencies.

Born from an immediate need to support our community during the 2020 pandemic,  our work has become a long term commitment to nurturing sustainable projects that create positive change for all who live here.

Take a few minutes to watch this video and learn more about Mutual Aid Partners!

Special thanks to Richard Crespin for this video

Where to get involved

Why Donate to MAP?

  • We are a local grassroots non-profit, formed as a direct result to the pandemic, so 100% of your contributions stay right here in your community and go directly to action driven projects. 
  • Mutual Aid volunteers have contributed over 15,000 hours to this community, during a time when other organizations shut their doors or limited their services.   
  • Mutual Aid is a concept, it’s our community’s energy focused on solidarity and on a shared understanding that we all need a little help sometime. 
  • We’re serving every demographic of this community; from families to war veterans, students to senior citizens, single parents on minimum wage to our unsheltered neighbors.

Volunteer with MAP!

We’re always looking for volunteers with varying skill sets as mutual aid evolves past the pandemic and needs, other than food insecurity, arise. Take a look at our Volunteer page for more information on how you can get involved!

MAP News

Deep into the pandemic, Mutual Aid organizers see impact of efforts

MAP was featured in the Daily Sentinel in an article about how our efforts are starting to bear fruit in our community! Click here to read more

MAP Senior Engagement on the cover of this month’s Beacon

Mutual Aid Partners is thrilled to support Brenda Case with the amazing work the Senior Engagement project does for seniors in the Grand Valley. Click the link below to read the full article in this month's Beacon. Click here for the article:...

MAP helping with Navajo Nation

Mutual Aid Partners volunteers in the news for helping with the Navajo Nation food and essentials drive happening at the UU congregation in Grand Junction, CO Photo by Christopher Tomlinson...

The Mutual Aid Distro Turns 1

We made the front page of the paper! Click here to learn more about how our work continues past the pandemic!

GJMA in the news! CPR’s article on the Tuesday distro

The grassroots organization Grand Junction Mutual Aid has been offering support to people in the community since March, when the economic effects of the pandemic started to hit Mesa County hard. Above, Sarah Stevens, left, and Sarah Rogers volunteer at the group's...

MAP and GJMA helping Homeward Bound with COVID quarantines

Grand Junction Sentinel mentioned us in an article about Homeward Bound and their efforts to deal with the recent COVID outbreak among the houseless population. Click here for full article

GJMA Distribution Day in the Denver Post

The Denver Post recognized our contribution to Mutual Aid in Colorado.

Starting with Food Security, Grand Junction’s Mutual Aid partners seek to Ease Social Issues within the Community

Home Grown Stories did a great piece on Mutual Aid Parters and Solidarity Not Charity highlighting some of our volunteers and the services we help with. Click the link below to read more....